My name is Nikolina and I live in Dubrovnik all of my life. As a child I was soaking up my father’s history books and fell in love with my hometown as well as my whole country. As a student I started working as a local guide in Dubrovnik in 2007, but after I majored I decided guiding would be my profession. I love being outdoors, surrounded by people, which is why I adore my job. I love to travel, but when I am not traveling, the world comes to me. What I do also gives me an opportunity to pass my love for Dubrovnik and Croatia to you. In my private time I love reading, walking and hiking with my dog, cooking, traveling and doing some charity work.
I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Hi, my name is Petra. I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. After I got my MA degree, I decided to move to Dubrovnik, my mother’s hometown and spend more time with her part of the family. I’ve been a local guide ever since, for seven years now and I enjoy my work immensely. Dubrovnik switched from being my summer holiday destination into being my home.  I get to tell travelers interesting stories, but I also learn something from every guest I meet. When I’m not working, you can find me at the cinema, or digging through, binge watching documentaries, playing pub quizzes, travelling and baking pies. Naturally, not at the same time.  
Can't wait to meet you!



Hi, I am Pero. Born and raised  in Dubrovnik, I have been working as a tour guide on and off ever since I graduated from University, making a full time job out of it five  years ago. I am an active member of the local mountaineering society, and my primary hobby is travelling. I enjoy all aspects of travel, and focus especially on absorbing more of the history and culture of regions through which I traverse, but I am particularly fascinated by the history of my hometown. I love the outdoors, to explore on my own by hiking, backpacking, reading and watching films.  I look forward to sharing the history and fascinating interplay of diverse cultures that make my city and it's surroundings so different and special.
It will be my pleasure to guide you around!