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Locals are particular about politeness

If you don't speak Croatian language chances are you will encounter two locals yelling at each other and you will think there is some serious fight going on. Well, they are just chatting really. At first you will think they are rude because you don't know what is going on, but they might think you are rude if you are walking the street shirtless, or with a can of beer in your hand, or with a cigarette. In local's mind there is a place for everything. If you want to walk shirtless you can do it at home or on a beach. If you wish to have a beer and a smoke, you should sit down. In their minds, streets are for strolling, chatting, laughing, window shopping...

Also, if you throw a paper or any piece of garbage anywhere but in a trash bin, someone might yell at you and make you pick it up.

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